Compatible Systems

FutureNow modules have been designed to be compatible. Due to the open communication protocol they integrate with absolutely everything. Please ask for the API if you are a software module developer and want to integrate FutureNow with a new system.


A tip for integrators who may get overwhelmed with the wide range of compatible third-party systems to pick the right one for the job

The time the configuration of a control system takes is usually proportional with the flexibility/freedom of configurability. In plain English: The more flexible a system is the more time it takes to set it up. A Control4 system for example can be up and running within a few hours or a few days without much programming experience. The cost of the quick setup is that the user has to live with an auto-generated user interface which can't be fully customized. At the other end of the spectrum, an AMX system for example takes weeks or months to set up and requires skilled programmers but the user will get a unique, fully customized user interface without any limitations. Setting up a Control4 system consists of drag and dropping and setting parameters, while AMX takes real coding.


FutureNow modules have been widely used with the following systems. Most of them offer much more than just a sexy GUI. They offer everything that's needed to get the most out of FutureNow modules.


Hardware systems







and a lot of others ...