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Just a few more ideas of what else can be controlled:

  • Switchable wall outlets: floor lamps, Christmas lights can be controlled that way.
  • Driveway heater combined with snow and ice sensors: during the winter, snow and ice can be melted away from the surface of the driveway and the sidewalks.
  • Sprinkler system zones can be scheduled or disabled when it's raining.
  • Fill your bathtub automatically.
  • Instruct your thermostat remotely while on the way home from vacation. A warm and cozy home will be awaiting your arrival.
  • Turn everything but the fridge off when leaving for vacation.
  • Control your devices based on different events.
  • In case of water leakage turn off the main water supply. In case of sensing CO open the windows.

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination...


Other interesting applications from other areas of life:

  • Fire department

          In case of fire alarm FutureNow modules are used to open the gates for the fire trucks, turn on all the lights, open the slides, saving precious time.

  • Chicken farm

          Lights are dimmed the way they simulate day and night but at a faster pace, speeding up time for the chickens so hens can lay more eggs.